Springs Hill Vineyard, established 1975, is located in the northern reaches of the McLaren Vale geographical indication in the sub-region of Blewitt Springs at 200 metres elevation, where the vines enjoy some two degrees cooler daytime temperatures and even cooler nights than the Vale itself.

The soils in this area are known as Maslin Sands and consist generally of grey sand over bright mottled orange and yellow clay and ironstone gravels. The nature of the soil is ideal for non-irrigated vines to develop large root systems enabling them to endure typically dry summers and relying on the winter and spring rainfall alone to carry them through to harvest. Growing a vineyard completely without irrigation takes time to establish, but the rewards are hardy self-regulating vines that produce wines expressive of the soil and environment in which they grow, their terroir.

Grape varieties are Shiraz, Cabernet, Merlot, Mourvedre, and Grenache, which suit this region.

Brothers Anthony and Gary together manage all aspects of the operation.